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James Zemotel and Chrissy Mason 


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Take Charge Strength Studio



 Take Charge Strength Studio is a personal training studio that has been open since March of 2017.  We have all types of clients, from ages 8 to 78.  We don’t just make people lift weights and run, we also talk about diet and lifestyle.  We teach skills that people can use in everyday life to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a privite setting.  We offer a comfortable private space to get a great workout. 

In March of 2018, Take Charge expanded to the space next door, 3278 Main St., Mexico.  In this space (The Unicorn Room) we offer fitness classes such as Yoga and various aerobic and anaerobic classes. The Unicorn Room is also available to the community to rent for special occasions, such as birthday parties, craft fairs, and painting classes. Since becoming part of this community we have taken an active role in fundraisers, events, and community development projects every chance we get and we look forward to helping our town grow!

                         Meet our Trainers

James Zemotel has been with Take Charge since he left the job he hated in June of 2018, to pursue his dream of helping people reach their goals and help run a gym.  Not only is James a fantastic trainer, he has always been a phenomenal athlete and continues to be in amazing shape at 43.  He now is competing against thousands in obstacle course races (Spartans, Tough Mudders, Battlefrogs), and places in the top 10.  James set many records for Mexico High School for various sports including football, wrestling, and track.  He now trains many  high school athletes that have become top in their sports, many younger athletes that want to be at the top in their sport, and women and men of all ages that just want to be fit and healthy.


Holding multiple certifications, she started working at the Fulton YMCA where she is still training.  Chrissy saw a need in her hometown and decided to take her basement gym to the next level and open up shop in Mexico.  She has clients of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels.  Even her 5 boys come in to be trained on the off season of their sports with her or partner James.  Chrissy is also competitive in both obstacle course races and strongman competitions.  She holds a record in PA for log press and places very well in the obstacle course races.  In strongman competitions Chrissy usually places in the top 3 in her weight class and can deadlift 325 pounds and finds joy pulling trucks and being a mom of five amazing young men!

Zack Daniels is a personal trainer out of our Fulton facility.  He was also a student at MACS and was into athletics in high school and has overcome many health issues to be where he is today, including cancer.  Zack is a strongman competitor and holds many state and national records of Strongman and Powerlifting competitions.   He has competed in national competitions in Utah and New York and many open competitions in the country.  Zack coached his mother, a 64 year old recent breast cancer survivor, to winning a world record for deadlifts.  Zack trains at Stability Fitness in Oswego as well as here and Fulton.  He trains athletes from the Mexico High School swim team who have become top competitors in their sport. 


Chrissy Mason has been teaching and training various classes since 2001.  She started training as a young adult because she was over-weight and decided to change her life.  After she had her first child, Chrissy was finally done with feeling tired and weak.  She started to move and eat better. She reached her goal weight and decided she wanted others to feel the way she felt and became a personal trainer.  

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