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Greater Mexico

Chamber of Commerce

Meeting Minutes

Greater Mexico Chamber of Commerce
May 2017 Board of Directors Meeting
Held at Mexico Bed & Breakfast at 11:20am
Meetings are recorded
Agenda..Open Discussions Each Board Member
11:22 Meetin Called to Order
Roll Call-Gail Jenkins, President, Denise Damiano Treasurer, David Epolito Secretary, Betty Green Director, Bob Green Director, Dennis Hemmingway Director
Bob Green went first
He stated to slow down on micro-managing of Committees.
Gail agreed to try and slow it down some. Gail stated that being the Executive of the Committees and Volunteers it is her responsibility to have updated committee reports and not wait till the next membership meeting in case of problems and make sure the committees have enough volunteers or ask for more volunteers. And to be sure the committee is producing and still going in the right direction. 
Betty asked Gail what would you do if it wasn’t. Gail stated that as President, the law states she is supposed to step in. Dennis stated he wasn’t concerned of the laws.
David stated he would like to go forward and do more this year for the businesses and the community and not policy so much. Denise agreed.
Dennis Hemmingway
Dennis wanted meetings, times, dates, and place of meeting to be set in stone and put on the website due to members continually asking him when & where are the meetings. 
Dennis reminded us that a vote was left out to approve the April Buffet and new school budget meeting hosted by Sean Bruno. 
Meetings, times & dates and places were already on the website.
Gail was waiting for approval for sponsorship funds and didn’t get the answer till the meeting. Sean Bruno offered to pay out of pocket. Gail made an executive decision and thanked him but said the Chamber has no problem paying for the buffet.
Denise mentioned hearing that the sponsor didn’t work out after all and that Gail stated the Chamber would pay for it. Denise stated the Buffet cost was $254.00 including the donation from the Eis House. 
Gail reminded Dennis that she put it on the May agenda to ratify the chamber paying for the buffet.
Dennis stated he needed more time in advance to receive the agenda to schedule appointments.
It was stated that the agendas goes out minimum of five days before the meeting.  Betty stated that May agenda actually went out seven days before this time.
Betty Green
Betty would like a calendar on the website of meeting dates to go on in beginning of the Chamber annual year. Betty asked for membership applications to go to her as well Treasurer & Secretary.
It was agreed to make the calendar. The calendar will state the whole years places of meetings as well as Board meetings.
It was agreed that Betty receive membership applications also
David Epolito
David asked what was Gail going to do about her appointment of Cindy Cobbs absences. Gail reminded everyone that her husband in last couple of months had cancer & after remission passed away a few weeks ago and she feels Cindy deserves a chance to finish her term out and she would start coming back June meeting. Gail also stated she gave Cindy the opportunity to resign but Cindy said she needs to keep busy and wants to stay on the board.
Denise Damiano
Denise Agrees to go forward to concentrate on doing more this year for the businesses and the community.
Gail had one thing to say. Instead of resending out membership applications every year that we need to send out invoices instead and membership applications to new members


Next Board Meeting August & November 45 minutes before regular meetings

11:50 Meeting Adjourned


​Greater Mexico Chamber of Commerce
General Meeting Minutes May 2, 2017                    
Mexico Bed & Breakfast

12:06- Meeting Called to Order
Those present: Gail Jenkins, President, Denise Damiano, Treasurer, David Epolito, Secretary, Board Members, Dennis Hemingway, Bob Green, and Betty Green, Chamber Members, Karen Green, Amy Shaw, Bobi Jo Hackett, Jim Hotchkiss, Kim Masterpole, Sue Morton, and Roxanne Cummins.

12:15- Treasurers Report:
$12,600 current bank balance. 

 12:20- Membership Report:
36 confirmed renewals.  21 not renewed.  Betty to determine number of renewals following their first year free.

12:25- Float Report:
Vote on $300 budget.  David motion, 2nd by Denise.  All were in favor. Approved.

12:30- Inventory Report:
Karen Green- 2 Stake Timers appear to be missing. 

12:42- Volunteer Report:

12:45- Duck Race- Vote on $300 budget. Betty motion, 2nd by Denise.  All were in favor. Approved.

12:56- Old Business:
Tabled- Christmas in Mexico final numbers and report.

Vote- Ratify $254 budget for buffet at The Eis House for our April 4, 2017 meeting.  Motion made by Betty and 2nd by David.  All in favor.  Approved.

12:58- New Business:
Discussion and Vote to increase dues for 2018 by 20%.  No vote was held after discussion.  Dues to remain the same.

Discussion and vote on complimentary membership for 2nd year- Tabled for further research on existing renewals after current one year free membership.

1:07- Banner update- Jim Hotchkiss:
Sold 40 banners.  Awaiting 2 more payments. Banners to go up the week before Memorial Day.

Next meeting- June 6th at 6 pm at The Tin Shop

Greater Mexico Chamber of Commerce
Dinner Meeting Munities April 4, 2017
Eis House Restaurant, Mexico

Dinner meeting a t the Eis House got underway at 6:00 PM, with a presentation from Sea Bruno, MACS Superintendent on the 20a7 school budget.  Dates for school budget vote are listed in MASD pamphlet that was distributed.

Roll call:  Gail Jenkins, President,  Heathe Jones, Vice President, Denise Damien Treasurer, Bob Green, Director, Betty Green, Director, Kathy Weber, Director.

7:38 Meeting was called to order by vice President Heathe Jones.

Approved March minutes.  Tabled.

Those present:  Heath Jones, Sean Bruno Denise Damiano, Rachel Kessler, Bob and Marion Palmer, Deb McCoy, Larry Brown, Jack Proud, Betty and Wayne Green, Jim and Brenda Hotchkiss, Dennis Hemingway, Bob and Karen Green, Sue and Duane Morton Bobbie Jo Hackett, Mary Curio, Janice Clark, Ann Meyer, Kelly Meyer, Kim Masterpole, Mr. and Mrs. Weber, Jeremy Belfield.

Treasurer Report:  Denise Damiano, Treasurer, gave treasurers report.  Motion to accept treasurers report by Betty Green, Seconded by Bob Green.

Parade Float/Duck Race:  Dennis Hemingway reported that the Duck Race is a definite this year, being held on Father’s Day weekend, Sat. June 17, the same day as the Town Wide Lawn Sale.  Dennis is working on the 8 X 16: hay wagon to prep. For parade and the treasurer will issue him a check for $00 for float supplies and Dennis will submit receipts to Denise accordingly.

Garage Sale Committee:  Gail Jenkins. No report.

Membership Update:  Betty Green gave a membership report of 27 current members as opposed to last year’s totals of 48.  She is preparing to send invoices to those not yet current.  Bob mentioned an analysis report of all those who have taken advantage of “First Year Free” membership.  Also discussed “Member of the Month”, where members present at the month’s meeting entered their name in a drawing, the name drawn at the end of the meeting would be showcased on the chamber website.   The concept was welcomed from members at the meeting and thought to be a great idea.

 Website Update:  Betty reported that the website had 200 hits last month. She took 11 phone calls last month requesting information:  3 for museum hours, 3 for lodging, 4 for camping and 1 for dental services. She urged all members to check the website for accuracy and to make sure their business is listed appropriately.  She can be reached at

Banner Update:  Jim Hotchkiss.  Chamber received 34 checks for banners with 6/7 outstanding.  New hardware has been ordered (was well needed since old hardware was from 2007).  No open spots as of now, all sold out.

Other Business:  Bob and Karen Green, while cleaning and inventorying items in the Tourist Booth, circulated a phone which seems to be unneeded that was left there along with other odds and ends.  Anyone who would like to see and make sure before they discard these items may contact them at,  Some items will be sold at the church garage sale.

Jim Hotchkiss requested an itemized Christmas in Mexico 2016 report. Heath will prepare a report.

Meeting adjourned at 8:26 PM.  Motion by Dennis Hemingway, 2 by Bob Green.

Next meeting, May 1st.  Time/place TBA.


Greater Mexico Chamber of Commerce
General Meeting Minutes March 7, 2017                
The Tin Shop
Chair- Gail Jenkins

 12:15 PM- Meeting Called to Order

Those Present: Gail Jenkins, President, David Epolito, Secretary, Board Members Dennis Hemingway, Betty Green, Bob Green, Cindy Cobb and Members Amy Shaw, Jim Hotchkiss, Karen Green, Bobbi Jo Hacket, Sue Morton, Bob Palmer and Marion Palmer

 Approve February 2017 Meeting Minutes- Tabled

 Treasurers Report- Tabled

 Report on Chamber Mission Statement- Jim Hotchkiss - The Chamber’s Mission Statement is Article 1.1 in our bylaws.  Jim provided a clear definition of commercial, industrial, and civic interests per the mission statement.  It was discussed that the mission statement should be more prominent in communications and on the web site.  Secretary to include a “footer” with Mission Statement on Chamber communications.   

 Banner Report- Jim Hotchkiss - 18 out of 42 Banner participants have paid.  Calls will commence shortly to those participants that are not paid up.

 Membership Report- At this time 8 confirmed renewals.  Survey results will be released when more are received.

 Sub- Committee Report- *Parade Float- We have a commitment from Kathy Weber to utilize a tow behind wagon for our float.  Cindy Cobb offered to donate hay.  Committee will discuss decoration needs to come up with a budget to vote on.  We will request the float to be entered in the Memorial Day Parade and Fireman Field Day Parade.

*Duck Race- The decision was made to host the Duck Race on Saturday, June 17th during Mexico Town Wide Garage Sale rather than coordinating with the Memorial Day Parade.  The committee needs to verify that we can use school grounds.  Also, we need to verify that we can set up a Chamber Tent/ Booth for ticket sales on the grass between school property and Kinney.  Budget to be determined.

1pm- Old Business-
*Sponsorship Committee- Tabled
*Summer Garage Sale Maps online- Due to the complexity and timing issues we will not have an “interactive” map on our website.  Instead the Garage Sale committee will give a due date of when a community member can be added to the map.  Once the map is complete we will then get it added to the website for viewing and printing.

1:20- New Business-
*Research Committee- Tabled
*Change Bylaw Article 4 Dues Section 4.3- Tabled

Meeting Adjourned- Motion made by Betty and 2nd by Sue

Next Meeting April 7, at 6 pm at The Eis House


​​Greater Mexico Chamber of Commerce
General Meeting Minutes February 7, 2017             
Mexico Bed & Breakfast
Chair- Heathe Jones

6:00 PM- Meeting Called to Order

Those Present: Heathe Jones, VP, Denise Damiano, Treasurer, David Epolito, Secretary, Board Members Dennis Hemingway, Betty Green, Bob Green and Members Deb McCoy, Amy Shaw, Jim Hotchkiss, and Karen Green

Membership Report- Betty Green

Letters, Applications, and Surveys were mailed to the existing Members.  Banner information was also included in the mailing for those Members who have previously participated.  No update on responses due to the mailings recent distribution.

Treasurers Report- Denise Damiano -   Denise met with the Post Office and arranged for the Chamber PO Box to be free. 

Approve November 2016 Meeting Minutes- Motion made by Heathe Jones and 2nd by Dennis Hemingway

Committee Appointments- Volunteer Coordinating Committee and Sponsorship Committee. Heathe reviewed information from the agenda but further discussion was tabled for Gail to elaborate.

Duck Race- Discussion on date, location and feasibility- Proposed partnering with the Mexico VFW during the Memorial Day Parade.  The VFW is a Chamber Member and would have to approve our participation.  Heathe will verify our Event Committee in order to make a proposal to the VFW.  If we can proceed with the VFW the Event Committee will then need to clear use of the school property with the School Board.  No vote was taken until more information is gathered.

Garage Sale Vote- Motion made by Betty Green and 2nd by Bob Green.  Approved Summer Garage Sale with maps on Website.  Budget not approved.  Budget to be determined by committee.

Chamber Float Vote- Motion made by Dennis and 2nd by Betty Green.  Approved Float.  Budget not approved.  Budget to be determined by committee.

Mexico Fall Fest and Christmas in Mexico Recap- Heathe Jones reviewed both events and will be providing financial figures. 

 Meeting Adjourned- Motion made by David and 2nd by Heathe

Next Meeting March 7, time and place TBD


Greater Mexico Chamber of Commerce
General Meeting Minutes

November 1, 2016
Stefano’s Pizzeria

6:10- Meeting called to order
Those present: Gail Jenkins, President, Heathe Jones, VP, David Epolito, Secretary, Board Members Dennis Hemingway, Betty Green, and Members Deb McCoy, Amy Shaw and Jeanine Spicer

Treasurer Report:
No report.

Membership Report:
Betty Green delivered a current membership listing.  Current count is 55 members.  Betty will need help with membership drive and contact strategy in January 2017.  David Epolito and Deb McCoy will join Betty on Membership Committee.

Fundraising Report:
No report.  Need to confirm Bob Green’s interest in chairing this committee

6:17- Presidents Report:
Reminder the Annual Meeting and Elections will be held in June due to the timing of receiving membership dues.  This will allow for the annual membership drive to take place and for dues to be submitted.  March 1st will be the due date for membership renewals and after 60 days without receiving dues membership will cease. 

Gail will implement staggered officer terms so that not all officer and director positions are up for election at the same time.  Election committee to be formed in May.

Christmas in Mexico Committee:
Gail Jenkins, Chair, Betty Green, Sue Morton, Dennis Hemingway, Kathy Weber, Debbie McCoy
Committee meeting TBD

 6:30 Garage Sale Map on Website Vote
Dennis motion for no vote, 2nd Gail, All were in favor. No vote. 

6:40 Vote to skip December Membership Meeting-
Betty motion, Heathe 2nd.  December Membership meeting will not be held so that the board members can focus on Christmas in Mexico planning.

 6:45 Vote to skip January Membership Meeting-
Heathe motion for no vote, 2nd Dennis, All were in favor.   No vote.

January Membership meeting will be rescheduled to January 24th at 6 pm with a tentative location of Stefano’s (Pending availability).   Holding the meeting later in the month will allow for a full and accurate recap of Christmas in Mexico.

6:52- Dennis motion to adjourn, Gail 2nd.  Meeting adjourned.


September 6, 2016

​Greater Mexico Chamber of Commerce
General Meeting Minutes September 6, 2016

Stefano’s Pizzeria 

12:10- Meeting called to order

Those present: Heathe Jones, VP, David Epolito, Secretary, Board Members Dennis Hemingway, Bob Green, Kathy Weber and Members Karen Green and Betty Green

 Motion to approve August meeting minutes with change to “Those Present”.  Bob Green notified the Board that he would be unable to attend the August meeting so the minutes should reflect “excused” rather than “absent”.  Heathe motion, Dennis 2nd.   Minutes were approved with correction.

 Treasurer Report:

Deposits- $500 from Pathfinder scholarship and $320 in vendor fees= $13,072 current bank balance.
Denise is still in the process of converting the financials to Quick Books.

 Cre8 Report:

Heathe reviewed plans for the upcoming Mexico Family Fall Festival.  There was $2,000 total sponsorships.  New expense this year of the bounce house.  $500 Youth Bureau Grant was received.  Heathe has secured the gym as a backup plan in the event the front lawn of the school is not ready for the event due to renovations.

 Christmas in Mexico:
Heathe will be planning an initial meeting with the Board of Directors to discuss preliminary plans for this year’s Christmas in Mexico.

12:50Committee Reports:
Membership Update- Welcome Holiday Inn Express in Oswego and Donna Gomon as new Chamber Members.  Membership Committee to be established.  Betty Green volunteered to Chair the Committee.

Unfinished Business:
Brochures are ready.  Waiting on quotes from printers.  Heathe suggested Oswego Printing for a quote.
Website currently has all members listed. 
Need to hold a vote at the next meeting for the Chamber to accept PayPal. 

 1:11- Meeting Adjourned

Next meeting- October 4th at 6pm.  Location to be determined.​​


 August 2, 2016

​Greater Mexico Chamber of Commerce
General Meeting Minutes August 2, 2016
Mexico Bed & Breakfast

 This meeting was recorded.  Going forward all meetings will be recorded

 6:38pm- The meeting was called to order

Those Present: Gail Jenkins, President, Heathe Jones, VP, Denise Damiano, Treasurer, Secretary, David Epolito, Director’s Dennis Hemmingway, Cindy Cobb, and Debbie Trimble, Members Amy Shaw, Betty Green and Deb Mccoy
Absent: Directors Bob Green and Kathy Weber

Motion to approve July meeting minutes Heath. 2nd Dennis.  All were in favor.  July minutes approved.

6:40- Treasurers Report:
No report at this time.  Denise will be switching to QuickBooks from prior method of using Excel.  There was no objection to using new software.
Heath inquired about PayPal to charge vendors and for fundraising.  Heath will get information prior to next meeting for board review.

6:47- Fireman’s Field Day Parade Report:
Bob Green was absent but his report is attached. Heathe mentioned that CiTi (Boces) has previously offered assistance with construction projects.  Gail to contact Garrett Weiss for more information.  Dennis suggested we be in more parades.

Membership Update:
None at this time.  Amy provided David with the membership files.  David to send Betty and Heathe an updated membership listing.  Gail would like each Director to sign up at least one new Chamber Member.  Heathe to check with Mike Backus office to obtain a list of newly issued DBAs.

7:07- Fall Fest:
September 17 piggy backing off of The Public Library Cider Run.  Insurance is done. The space is reserved pending construction at the school.  Plan B for location is DSS parking lot.  Pathfinder Bank, Oswego County FCU, and Holiday Inn have already committed to sponsorships.  Heathe to provide budget.

7:15- Vote to approve updated bylaws:
Motion by Dennis,  2nd Betty, All were in favor

7:16- Brochure Discussion:
Heathe would check with David Turner or Janet Clurkin to support cost of brochures. 

7:30- Web Update- Betty continues to work on the new website and update member information.  The site is up and running. 

7:36- Welcome Cindy Cobb as new Director

7:37- David Motion to adjourn, Dennis 2nd, Meeting adjourned

Next meeting September 6th at noon.  Location TBD


June 21, 2016

Meeting Minutes- Annual Meeting & Elections

The Tin Shop

6:34- Meeting called to order
Those present:  President: Gail Jenkins, Treasurer: Jim Hotchkiss, Secretary: David Epolito, Board Members: Dennis Hemingway, Kathy Weber, Bob Green, Chamber Members: Terry Jenkins, Heathe Jones, Betty Green, Karen Green, and Denise Damiano.

6:35- Annual Elections
2- Board Member Seats are open
Gail called for any nominations from the floor- There were none
Motion was made by Betty Green to accept the Nomination Committees nominees, Kathy Weber and Denise Damiano.  2nd by Bob Green.  All were in favor.

 President’s Appointments
The President announced her appointment of Heathe Jones as Vice President to finish out Amy Shaw’s term through June 2017.
The President announced her appointment of Debbie Trimble as Board Member to finish out Jack Proud’s term through June 2017.

 6:40- Treasurers Annual Report
Jim reviewed details from his annual report.  

6:45- Motion to adjourn meeting by Bob Green, 2nd by Betty Green, all in favor. 

Next meeting July 12th at 6:30 at The Bake Shop Eatery.


May 3, 2016

Meeting Minutes

Oswego County FCU Community Room


12:05- Meeting called to order 

Those present:  President: Gail Jenkins, VP: Amy Shaw, Treasurer: Jim Hotchkiss, Board Members: Dennis Hemingway, Sue Morton, Kathy Weber and Jack Proud, Chamber Members: Patti Hall, Terry Jenkins, Heathe Jones, Betty Green and Sean Bruno. 

12:06 – Approve April Minutes
Motion made by Jim Hotchkiss and 2nd by Dennis Hemingway.

 12:08 – Heathe Jones of Cre8 Sponsor Program
Cre8 has a sponsor book to show to potential sponsors for all of the events that Cre8 coordinates so that sponsors can choose multiple events and better budget for the year.  Both the Fall Festival and Christmas in Mexico will be included in this book.  Heathe would like to meet with 4-5 people in June to get started on planning and then hold meetings with a larger committee for the events.  Heathe is working on a fundraiser to be held in July for Christmas in Mexico.  Gail and Heathe will meet with the VFW Ladies’ Auxiliary to discuss sponsorship opportunities for Christmas in Mexico.

 12:23 – Award Presentation
Gail presented Dennis Hemingway with a Perfect Attendance award for 2015.

 12:25 – Membership Certificates
Gail shared a membership certificate that the Chamber handed out previously.  She would like to begin handing these out to members again.

 12:26 - Treasurers Report
Current bank balance is $11,752.00. 

 12:29 - Committee Reports
*Membership- a list of current members was handed out.
*Fundraising Committee- no update

12:33 – Brochures
Betty distributed samples of brochures she is working on to promote the Chamber/area.

 12:38 – American Pickers Discussion
The television show, “American Pickers,” will be in our area later this summer.  They are looking for private residences that have antiques for the show.  No one who sells antiques would qualify.  Contact Jim if there is someone you know who might be interested.

 12:39 – Mock Web Site & Update
Betty shared a new website she has created for the Chamber.  It can be viewed at  Members should check out the website and contact Betty with any feedback. The website is still under construction. 

1:03 – Mexico Townwide Garage Sale
The summer garage sales will be held the Friday and Saturday of Father’s Day Weekend.  For those that would like their address on garage sale map please email Betty Green at  For those interested in the Teen Flea Market on Fathers Day contact Gail Jenkins at or call 954-547-1896. 

1:05 – Meeting adjourned
Motion made by Betty Green and 2nd by Heathe Jones. 

Sean Bruno, Superintendent of MACS, presented the proposed 2016-2017 School Budget..