Greater Mexico Chamber of Commerce

Tuesday March 5th, 2019
8:30 a.m.

 Members in attendance: Chrissy Mason, James Zemotel, Amanda Magro, Bob and Marion Palmer, Pastor Karen Green, Bob Green, Allison Griffen, Russell Partrck, James Hotchkiss, Amy Shaw, Stephen Wisniewski

 8:35 meeting called to order by Chrissy Mason

Welcome Allison Griffen from OCO

February minutes approved

No treasurer's report

 Committee Reports:
Dennis: nothing to report
Town wide garage sale: June 15th, Facebook page created Amanda as administrator.  Fill out forms to show what people have to offer and at which stop. Send to Jim       Hotchkiss

Fall Festival:- September 21st.  No duck race. 

Run for the border race:Just in the planning stages.  Water stop at Yogi Bear.  Registration would be food for the pantry or toys for operation reindeer

Town beautification committee:-  Talked with Nancy Eval, Jim is meeting with her next week.  Amanda, Jim, Veronica, Nancy. Town will match contributions

Membership committee:- Leaving membership as is until next year.  Form a welcoming committee for each new business in town to show them we are welcoming and talk about the benefits of joining the Chamber.  Amanda, Chrissy, James, Allison volunteered.

Old business:

Committee budget overdue  =  Townwide garage sale has budget set.  Fall Festival: Bonnie has her budget

website/facebook: Amanda brining Jen Castler to Yogi Bear and the next meeting to present ideas and what she can offer

Meeting schedule mostly complete

New Business

Amanda brought a friend Kate Hawn from the children's home of Jefferson county and she talked about the need for more foster homes in our area

Amanda wants to start a community Dinner Table, to offer free dinners, by reservation.  She has partnered with Backwoods Beauty in Pulaski and is doing one in May

Community connections, Saturday March 23, looking for donations and businesses to help set up tables

PTA is looking for volunteers for the Carnival at the elementary

OCO offers free hot lunches at the lighthouse church on wednesday and fridays for community members 60 years and older and are looking to make it more known

 Next meeting at Yogi Bear Campground 6pm on April 2

 Meeting adjourned at 9:43am


​Greater Mexico Chamber of Commerce
February 5th, 2019
8:30 am  -  The Tin Shop, Main St, Mexico, NY


Members in attendance: Dennis Hemingway, Amy Shaw, Ann Meyer, Steve Wisniewski, Betty Green, Amanda Magro, Veronica Pals Castor, Denise Damiano, Bob Green, Mary Rice, Jim Hotchkiss, James Zemotel, Bonnie Laforte, Chrissy Mason, Bob Palmer

January Treasurer's report approved

Committee Reports:
Events committee- Dennis

Mexico point craft show nothing new to report.  Ann added to the committee
Christmas in Mexico meeting Tuesday February 12 (canceled)
Town wide garage sale, the saturday of Father's day weekend.  Add a legend to the map to let people know what's at each location
Fall festival Bonnie Laforte coordinate the Cider Run September 21st
Duck Race dropped this year
Amanda would like a few volunteers for a bake sale table date to be announced

Membership committee
Welcome new member Steve Wiseniewski
Committee discussed changing the dues to be the same for different levels

 Website committee
Average 2000 hits a month
Facebook have 1000 + friends and likes
Amanda's friend will come to a future meeting to discuss social media

Town Beautification committee
Village will match any funds from businesses
Nancy Evale wants to be a part of the committee
Town wide clean up on earth day or arbor day

 Street sign- Jim
Nothing new, waiting on fire department to put them up
Applications are going out for other banners
Discussed increasing prices for non members on banners

 Old business
Denise and Betty to have a quickbooks meeting February 12th with an accountant
Need budget for events in a timely manner with an allowed increase of 10% by March 1st

Next meeting is at the senior housing Parkview meeting room 8:30 March 5th
Meetings scheduled throughout the year at various businesses

Other business:

Member of the month: Amanda Margo



Greater Mexico Chamber Of Commerce

January 8th 2019- 8:30
Take Charge Strength Studio

Members in attendance: Betty Green, Denise Damiano, Jim Hotchkiss, Dennis Hemingway, Amy Shaw, Karen Green, Amanda Magro, Ann Meyer, James Zemotel, Chrissy Mason, Veronica Castor

Treasurer’s report : For the year there was a net loss and we had given the food pantry a donation The balance in the checking account was stated

 Committee Reports:

*Dennis is the events committee and there is no new events to report.
*Dennis is asking for help in the events committee, Chrissy Mason and James Zemotel volunteered
*Still having Mexico Pt Park event, Duck Race, Garage Sale, Fall Festival, Christmas in Mexico
*Make sure Betty knows when the committee meetings are
*Need vendors for the Mexico Pt park event, dennis is chair, Ann will do the paperwork.
*Motion goes unopposed for Dennis to be chair

Old Business:
*There is nothing new to report on the Main St banner

New Business:

*Next meeting scheduled for February 5th 8:30 at the Tin Shop
*Veronica offers space at Land and Trust
*Unless there are more volunteers, we can use the Take Charge room
*Talked about inviting speakers to our meetings
*Ribbon cutting in the end of March for Take Charge
*Membership for the chamber is low, as is retention
*Talked about developing a list of former committee members and talking to them about why they left and to re invite them to join
*Minutes needed sooner (whoops)
*Karen makes a motion to develop an easier way to see when the Chamber meets
*All in favor if the motion
*Schedule of events needs to be on the website
*Chamber decided to use the food pantry donation as a photo opp to show the community how it helps
*Jack Proud is in Seneca Manor room 208
*Jim would like a town beautification committee and would like to ask Nancy Eval
*Secretary needs the code for website

Website/social media 

*Secretary needs the code for website
*Amanda and Ann agreed with meeting a woman to help in our social media advertising

Other Business:
**Member of the month -- Land and Trust

Adjourned 9:38



Greater Mexico Chamber Of Commerce
December 4th 2018

CITI - Luncheon

Members in attendance: Betty Green, Denise Damiano, Bob Loforte, Bonnie Loforte, Jim Hotchkiss, Dennis Hemingway, Amy Shaw, Amanda Magro, Ann Meyer, Karen Green, Bob Green, Mary Mannice-Rice, James Zemotel, Chrissy Mason

 Corrections to Nov. Minutes:  Christmas in Mexico not at Oswego Speedway but at Port City Copy and Oswego Federal Credit Union was a frankincense level sponsor

 Treasurer’s report
Denise needs receipts by Friday the 7th

 Committee report
*Ann and Dennis report the winners of the window decorating competition
*Talked about brochures and wondered if we had ordered too many.  Trying to find out how many        were printed, and how many were left over.
*Winter RUNderland was a success overall with just a couple hang ups, like the health permit and the workers compensation exemption, Thank you Ann and Caitlyn Parkhurst.  
*Elementary vending- reserve for next year.  
*Get the VFW involved more.
*More brochures in vending areas
*More volunteers to help with the breakdown and cleanup of vending areas
*Trolley maps need to be utilized better.  So next year ask fire dept. to block off parts of the street just for the trolley, to be discussed at the CIM committee meeting
*crossing guards dressed up next year
*Kwik fil parking lot was full all day with no incidents
*Costumes for a Dickens Christmas
*Bob wants to get the train show back to Washington hall or bring vendors there and get more things going on in that part of town
*Everyone ran out of supplies because this event is getting bigger and better each year
*Traffic was great for everyone
*Need to utilize social media a bit more and watch for Rogue pages
*Town banners

Old Business:
*QuickBooks training about annual report, try to get on it ASAP

 Website/social media
Amanda suggested hiring a social media manager, Betty wants everyone to make a list of what we want the SM manager to do and give her 10 minutes to tell us what we can do for the chamber and the town.

 New business
*Ribbon cutting ceremony for Take Charge Strength Studio in March
*Voted on the time for the meetings, concluding they will be in the mornings
*Parking lot lease meeting December 6th at 6pm
*Petition was passed around for the town to lease the lot
*looking into starting a town planning board to bring new ideas and viable new business into town

Other business
**Member of the month -- Take Charge Strength Studio

Next meeting the second Tuesday in January. January 8th to be held at 3278 Main St Mexico @the Unicorn room


​Greater Mexico Chamber of Commerce

November 6, 2018
 12:00 noon
 CITI (BOCES), Rte. 64, Mexico, NY

Thank you to the CITI Culinary Class for a delicious and very nicely served Lunch.

Members in attendance: Betty Green, Denise Damiano, John Parker, Bob Loforte, Jim Hotchkiss, Dennis Hemingway, Amy Shaw, Ann Meyer, Karen Green, Bob Green, Mary Mannice-Rice

 12:05 Meeting called to order.

 October Meeting Minutes approved.

 October Treasurers Report approved.

 Committee Reports:

Events Committee – Dennis
MPP Concert – Tabled to January

Christmas in Mexico: Ann/Dennis
Ann Meyer reported that CIM various committees are working hard and getting their events well organized. 
Need float for Santa and Mrs. Clause.   We have advertised and no response.  Amanda Magro suggested reaching out to various organizations.   Betty will post request for float on Facebook. 
Programs are ready for printing and being printed at Oswego Speedway.   
Volunteers are needed to put up Craft and Trolley signs.  Betty will meet with Dennis resolve issue.   
We have 8 sponsors:  Gold – Pathfinder Bank, Frankincense – Eye Care of Mexico, Key Bank, Tops Market, Tinsel - Builders First Choice, Daddy Ed’s Restaurant, Madden Family Dentistry.
Program questions:   food drive?  Toy Drive? (drop off at Wilcox Memorial).  
Train Show at New Haven fire Hall this year, Jim will put a sign on Washington Hall to let people know.
Added this year for Sunday a 5K Fun Run and Chili Cook-off to be held at Mexico Middle School.
Entertainment at Elementary School is lined up. 
Denise will look into possibly moving vendors to gym at Elementary School in 2019 to allow more space for vendors.
Motion to have Ann Meyer hire a professional photographer to take picture of Christmas in Mexico 2018 event, not to exceed $350.  Motion by Dennis Hemingway, 2nd by Mary. Carried.

Membership – Amy Shaw     
New member Take Charge Strength Studio, Uptown Ink, etc.

Website/Facebook – Betty
The website has been updated with new members, Member of the Month and minutes added.  Our website had 1917 hits for the month of October.   A counter for each page has been added.
Amanda pointed out that there is rouge Facebook Event page for Christmas in Mexico.  The manager of this page is unknown.  Amanda will send Betty the URL for the page in question for review.
Amanda suggested hiring a person to manage our website and Facebook page to give the Chamber a more professional appearance on social media.  Amanda will get more information for hiring a website/Facebook manager

Street Sign – Jim
All permits are in place for the signage.  Our Volunteer Fire Dept. will string the wire.

 New Business:

Motion to make a one-time donation, not to exceed $1000, to the Mexico Food Pantry for a 10’ X 10’ st6orage shed. Motion by Jim Hotchkiss, 2nd by Bob Loforte.  7 ayes, 3 Nays.  Motion carried.
Chamber office space possibilities:  Kingsley Building and Cam’s/Drake’s Building are available for rent.    Betty will look into a rental fee from Jenkins.

Other Business:

Member of the Month – Bob Green




Greater Mexico Chamber of Commerce

October 2, 2018 - 5 pm

Methodist Church

Meeting Minutes

 NOTE to file : The President, Secretary and Treasurer were not in attendance. Vice President Loforte presided over meeting and made notes.

Attending : Bonnie Loforte, Amy Shaw, Deb McCoy, Dennis Hemingway, Ben Kellogg, Sue Morton

The meeting was called to order at 5 PM.

VP Loforte announced she would be presiding as President Green was out of town.

No minutes for the September meeting were available. Secretary was not in attendance.

Board Member Dennis Hemingway expressed concern that no meeting or board minutes have been uploaded to the Chamber of Commerce website since April of 2018. This topic was tabled until the November meeting. Dennis expressed his concern that the public and the general membership be kept updated on our activities.

No Treasury report was given as the Treasurer was unable to attend. Amy Shaw reported that the balance in the general account was $18,029.63

Christmas In Mexico committee report was briefly given by Dennis Hemingway. Dennis asked that the membership continue to share the events on their personal social media accounts and to ask that specific things be shared. Final solicitations have been sent for advertising in the CIM program. The deadline is 10/22. Ann Meyer should be contacted with questions about the program advertising. Several sub committees will be meeting with Ann and Dennis in the coming days. Next CIM meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 17th at 6 PM at the OVIA offices. Jim Hotchkiss has reached out and asked us to submit an entry to the “Winter / Spring in Oswego County “ Publication. Jim was not present due to family circumstances.

Amy Shaw reported that membership is now at 48 paid . She has reached out to both Fur-st Choice and NAPA and offered a ribbon cutting. Neither business is ready at this time.

Main Street Banner project was tabled as Jim Hotchkiss was not in attendance.

Duck Race and Fall Festival has a written report sent by Karen and Bob Green. A copy of this is attached to these minutes.

It was suggested by Dennis Hemingway that binders with each annual Chamber event be made so that there is consistency from year to year. He pointed out that we had previously done this and it made transition from year to year for the same events much easier. Discussion took place as to where we would keep these binders and who would take charge of them. This discussion was tabled until a larger membership body was present..

Concern was mentioned that it was unclear where all of the Chamber important documents and records are being stored and further who has access to them ?

Sandra Scott has reached out to the chamber and asked for financial support of a fireworks display at Mexico Point Park. The date is July 14th. The general opinion was that this be tabled until more information and details could be discussed. Questions pertaining to who the Chamber would be paying (the Town of Mexico OR Friends of Mexico Point Park.) and also How vendDor booths and fees would be used and by whom came up. Specifically there is concern with the ongoing concern about the tensions and changes between the Town of Mexico and the Friends of Mexico Point Park. More detail is needed . This topic was tabled for a time when more facts would be available. It was suggested this topic be added to the next meeting agenda.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:20 PM. Motion by Ben Kellogg and seconded by Dennis Hemingway. All in favor.

Respectfully submitted with attachments and notes by Bonnie Loforte


Mexico Chamber of Commerce

Meeting Notes August 7, 2018
Oswego County Federal Credit Union,

Called to Order 8:38 am.

In attendance: Betty Green, Jim Hotchkiss, Bob LoForte, Anne Kelly, Denise Damiano, Melanie Cutillo, Dennis Hemingway,Vanessa Comley, Theresa Kellogg, Ben Kellogg, Amy Shaw

Meeting Minutes from July Meeting: Motion by Dennis Hemingway and seconded by Anne.

Treasurer's Report. Motion to Accept by Betty Green and seconded by Jim Hotchkiss.

Committee Reports:
 Christmas in Mexico Committee:
Next Committee meeting is August 25 at 5pm at Ovia.
Bob Loforte- Concert Friday evening
5K run being organized by Amanda Magaro
Sponsorships for Christmas in Mexico $2, 050
Jim Hotchkiss reports that parking maybe available at the old Qwik-Fill site as Village is converting the location into a green space and parking area.

Duck Race:
Tickets will be available this week and will be available to Chamber members.
A few vendor spaces still available

Membership Committee:
45 current members
Events for members

Other Business:
Website updates
Street banner is ready for use
Denise Damiano (Treasurer) request for Quickbooks for Not-for-Profits training. Training will include 3 other members, not to exceed $75.00. Accepted and Seconded. 
Workshop for members at the September Meeting: Introduction to Mailchimp offered by Chamber Member Melanie Cutillo, (The Little Tea Cart) Accepted and Seconded

Next Meeting September 11 at Oswego County Credit Union Mexico,NY

Meeting adjourned at 9:45.



Mexico Chamber of Commerce Meeting Notes

July 11, 2018
Meeting Held at OVIA

7:00 began: 9:10 closed

Members in Attendance: Dennis Hemingway, Betty Green, Ann Meyer, Amy Shaw, Melanie Cutillo, Bob Green, Karen Green

 Review May Minutes: Approved June Typo to be changed

Budget Report Balance of $17,911 approved

Committee Reports:

Mexico Point Event (Vendors):  Total anticipated 10 vendors, with 7 in attendance. Sage Brook did not show, Damiano’s Eatery had permit difficulties with timing, and last vendor had a death in the family.
Discussion of refunds for vendors in the event of cancellation. Chamber will maintain no refund policy. This instance, refund not given as check was not deposited and returned to vendor.  Total profits from vendors $260.00 from 7 vendors and event well attended.
Suggestion to collaborate more with Sandra Scott to attract more vendors and do somethings differently next year: shorter hours such as starting at 5 instead of 1:00

Christmas in Mexico: June Meeting Report:
Vendor forms read with exception of times at the school.
Chamber President asked for timeline and committee meeting schedule on the website. Karen Green mentioned the complex steps for finalizing access to the school for the event. Dennis discussed sponsorships and insurance information on the school forms.
Vote for all vendors must have Certificate of Insurance to participate. Approved
Committee is on point this year and marketing budget approved.
Amy Shaw and Dennis Shaw volunteered to hand out ‘Save the Date’ flyers at the upcoming parade.
Next Christmas in Mexico Meeting July 25th at 5:00. Committee to get report to Ann by July 25 at noon.

Parade Float (Firemen’s Field Days): 
Dennis: float needs more banners and a dry run. For Christmas in Mexico trailer is not available. He will contact Deb McCoy.

Duck Race/Fall Festival Committee Report - Committee has created 2 large binders (Logistics and Vendor Applications)
Karen Green expressed the need for last year’s records, that 2017 vendors (10) were dissatisfied with advertising and the committee stated the need for 30 vendors to make the event successful.  Proposed Budget of both $1,200 approved.   Date of the Festival: September 15.
Vendor Form Corrections: add 10x10 and 10x20 space.
-Sidewalk Chalk Contest:  has village approval, logistics of locations, sizes, traffic movement Tin Shop will be the place for casting votes.  Tickets will be 10 for $1, $5 entry, $25 prize for each category.
-Tent Logistics: location for and Chamber to cover the cost of rental from the Mexico Fire Department which will set up the tent.
Discussion of advertising and ‘shopping local’ for print services. Melanie suggested Port City Copy Center in Oswego.

Membership Committee Report (Amy Shaw):  Current: 40 members.  Window clings sent in the mail to current Chamber members with dues reminder and pens.  Membership renewals $1,446.31 at the end of June, 2018. 
New member forms and dues go to Denise, who has also verified new owners of NAPA and will contact them with membership information and no dues for the 1st year of membership.
Melanie asked about current communication system with members. Suggested Mailchimp may offer an attractive e-newsletter with data able to be collected. Will discuss having presentation of Mailchimp and Dropbox to the Board at a later date.
President Betty Green stated that Officers will have photograph take at the next Chamber meeting to be held at Oswego Credit Union. Also, the need to update members photographs. Melanie suggested offering headshots might be attractive to members, and contacting a local photographer (member) to offer this service.

Other Business:  Ann asked about the website and access. Recommends a second person (Secretary) to have access and knowledge of the website. Board approved.

Next meet to be held August 7, 2018, at Oswego Federal Credit Union at 8:30 am

Meeting Adjourned at 9:10pm.


Greater Mexico Chamber of Commerce
Annual Meeting, 

5pm, Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park

Meeting was called to order at 5:20.

Attending: Betty Green, Denise Damiano, Rita Anderson, Mary Curcio, Ann Meyer, Amy Shaw, Bob and Marion Palmer, Theresa Kellogg, Benjamin KM Kellogg, Dennis Hemingway, Bonnie Loforte, Jim Hotchkiss, Duane Morton, Sue Morton, Debbie McCoy, Amanda Magro, Melanie Cutillo.

May minutes had not been emailed to members, Betty had a copy on hand. All were welcome to look them over; May minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: $17,633.62 checking account balance.  Treasurer reported the Chamber received a check for $75.00 from the VFW for best float Memorial Day Parade.

 Committee Reports:

Events Committee:
-Mexico Point Park Vendor’s Report: Ann reported that we have 4 vendor applications received and paid.  Some members took applications with them, we are asking members to spread the word. Application deadline is June 29th.
-Christmas in Mexico Report: Ann reported that a letter will be mailed to all members looking for some help on a few remaining committees. We still need a chairman for the Trolley. Next CIM meeting is Wednesday, June 20th 5pm at OVIA.
-Membership Report: Ann reported we have 33 current 2018 memberships paid, Denise verified that number has been paid.
-Website Report- Betty reported we are still doing very well with over 1,000 hits per month.
-Spiff Up Mexico Contest Report: Bonnie reported that the contest was not as successful as we had hoped. There were over 35 invites handed out to local businesses and only 2 entries. Winners: Stefano’s $300.00 and PawPower $200.00. Bonnie and Betty will contact the winners to deliver the prizes.  Mary Curcio suggested that in the future if we were to run a contest like this we should check to see if there is grant money available, she would be willing to help with that.

New Business:
Jim Hotchkiss reported on the situation between the Town of Mexico and the Historical Society. The Historical Society has hired Tom Reynolds to represent them. There are currently Chamber files and possessions at Washington Hall that we are hoping to have moved to be stored at the Tin Shop. For security of the courts and attorneys no one can enter unaccompanied.  Jim also reported that there will probably not be a train display there for 2018 Christmas in Mexico.

Betty spoke regarding the Town of Mexico and Friends of Mexico Point Park situation. The town asking to have managemental control. The Town claims this is due to state laws and regulations. They are currently still in negotiations.

Ann obtained Mexico Fire Department Field Day flyer advertising applications and passed them to any members interested in having one.

Old Business:
Main Street Banner Report: Jim reported he has obtained permission form Bombardos and Stefanos to connect the banner via their buildings. We are in need of a NYS Permit next.  Jim also stated the Village of Mexico is going in on this with the Chamber.

Election of Officers and Directors:
The nominating committee recommended Bonnie Loforte for VP, and Bob Green and Dennis Hemingway for Directors. There were no further nominations from the floor. They were unsuccessful in finding a recommendation for secretary. Melanie Cutillo volunteered.  Melanie Cutillo was nominated by Bonnie Loforte, 2nd by Dennis Hemingway. Jim Hotchkiss made a motion that the secretary cast one ballot for nominations, approved.
Results of Election Class of 2020:
   Vice President, Bonnie Loforte
   Secretary, Melanie Cutillo
   Director: Bob Green
   Director: Dennis Hemingway
Betty asked Ann to get prior minutes to Melanie, Betty will contact David for all paperwork prior to his resignation as Secretary. Ann also reported that she still does not have the folder regarding memberships, Betty will speak to David to see if he has that information as well.

Other Business: 
Bonnie Loforte reported that in October there will be 30-35 GAP students arriving, and she is collecting for hand-out bags. Any items that members can donate would be appreciated.

Jim Hotchkiss reported that the Chamber submitted a letter to support Senior Housing in Mexico.  He feels that there are ‘good vibes’ coming from 2+4 Construction. After having tried several times, unsuccessfully, to get into Pulaski, the yare now setting their sites on Mexico.  They are thinking of 6-10 acres in the village of Mexico, and a study would be conducted to determine the number of units. This would be helpful in generating our tax base in Mexico.

Town wide Lawn Sales Report: Amanda reported that she is still in need of donations from local businesses for the gift basket prize. She would like it to contain ‘self-advertising’ items from our local businesses. When the post on Facebook is liked-and-shared by a Facebook friend, that person is entered in the drawing, and a winner will be drawn at random the day of the sales (June 16th). Donations can be brought to her at Stefanos.

 Drawing to be the next featured Business of the Month was Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park.

Next meeting is Tuesday July 10th, at OVIA at 7:00 pm.

 The meeting was adjourned.

Bob and Marion Palmer served ice cream to all interested and then provided a tour of their facilities.


​Greater Mexico Chamber of Commerce
May 1, 2018 --  12:00 noon
 Mexico Public Library

Lunch provided by Pathfinder Bank

Members in attendance: Betty Green, Denise Damiano, Jim Hotchkiss, Jack Proud, Dennis Hemingway, Amy Shaw, Ann Meyer, Bob Palmer, Bonnie LoForte, Bob LoForte, Karen Green, Bob Green

Meeting was called to order by President, Betty Green. MACS Superintendent of Schools Sean Bruno presented the proposed budget for 2018-2019. Voting will take place Tuesday May 15th at district Elementary Schools.

Committee Reports:
-Ann Meyer reported the forms used for Mexico Point Park fundraiser did not include the raindate, as she was not aware of one. Forms will be updated, contact Ann if you need updated forms. Vendors are signing up slowly at this point.

-Ann Meyer reported the next Christmas In Mexico Meeting will be Wednesday May 23rd at 5:00, venue to be determined and an email to be sent to committee members.
-Ann Meyer reported that membership renewals from the emailed batch are coming in, a mailing will take place next for all members not yet paid. Betty asked for a list of paid memberships to be provided to the nomination committee (Deb McCoy, Betty Green, Sue Morton). Denise and Ann will get together to provide this.
-Betty reported the positions open for election this year are: Vice President, Secretary, and 2 Director positions currently held by Bob Green and Dennis Hemingway.
-Dennis reported work on the float for the Memorial Day parade has begun.
-Jim Hotchkiss reported he is ready to order a street banner, 3 ft x 25 ft. Motion made to approve this purchase at a cost of $300 - $500 was made by Jack Proud, 2nd by Bob LoForte.

Old Business: 
-Jack Proud reported the Oswego County Business Magazine Summer and Fall Journals will be displayed and distributed in all area Wegman’s store. Discussion followed that we used to pull together a Mexico page with area businesses paid advertisements on it, but we let that go as we were not able to gather enough businesses to participate. At a past meeting we declined to advertise in the journals by a vote of members. Advertising Budget for the year is set at $400-$500.
-Bonnie LoForte reported flyers have been distributed to Main Street businesses for a ‘Spiff up Mexico’ contest. Flyers were available for those in attendance. Bonnie is faxing the information to the local paper and Betty is running the information on Facebook. The contest runs thru May 23rd and voting will take place on May 25th.

New Business:
Jim Hotchkiss reported recent discourse between the Town of Mexico and the Mexico Historical Society. There has been dispute of the ownership of historical artifacts. Jim encouraged attendance at the next Town Board Meeting, Monday May 7th. He also had petitions that could be signed by anyone who has donated artifacts to the Historical Society. Karen Green volunteered to act as a mediator for future meetings between the Town and the Historical Society if it would be helpful.

Next Chamber meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 5th, 5:00 pm at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park. This is our annual meeting with elections to be held. The Palmer’s will offer a tour of the park immediately following the meeting.

Motion by Jack Proud, 2nd by Dennis Hemingway to adjourn the meeting.


Greater Mexico

Chamber of Commerce

Meeting Minutes

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