Greater Mexico Chamber of Commerce

Meeting Minutes December 5th, Noon

Oswego County FCU]  

Meeting Called to Order at 12:08

Those in attendance: Betty Green President, Denise Damiano Treasurer, David Epolito Secretary, Directors Dennis Hemingway, Bob Green, Ann Meyer, Members, James Hotchkiss, Sue Morton, Benjamin Kellogg, Theresa Kellogg

Communications-Congratulations to Benjamin Kellogg for his recent writing award. 

Approval of November meeting minutes-Bb Motion, 2nd Dennis, all in favor, motion carried

 Budget Committee- No report

Membership Committee- Ann Meyer- Chair with Amy Shaw, Deb McCoy, David Epolito - Have not met yet.  Meeting to be set in December to discuss application mailings.

Fundraising Committee- No report

 Street Banner- Jim Hotchkiss - Gail Jenkins never responded to inquiry about use of her building to tether a banner.  Jim will reach out to the appropriate state department to determine if something can be placed on the bridge near the school.

Website Committee
- Betty - Website 2000 hits and Facebook 1000 likes.

 Visions Committee- Meeting postponed until January 18th at 7pm at The Hungerford Libarary.

Event Committee- Christmas in Mexico- Discussion:

  • Tin Shop and Churches were busy and well attended
  • Book Giveaway was down from previous years
  • 500 programs was not enough
  • Port City Programs could be option for next year
  • Programs were not available for proof by the given deadline
  • Crosswalks- signage needed for future.  Suggestion made to have the municipal lighted warning sign at village hall
  • Trolley stops could have been more prominently identified
  • More street performers
  • Kudos to creator/ organizer of window decorating contest and congratulations to Regina Beavis (Style Inn) WINNER
  • Horse drawn wagon ride- many compliments.  They did a wonderful job and had a line throughout the day
  • Band at back of parade next year
  • Sound system at tree was not loud enough
  • Need more volunteers for Chamber Booth set up and tear down
  • Tree was a little flimsier than previous years. There was a random blue string of light placed on tree.  Could have used more lights.
  • Vendors were pleased
  • Several compliments on the float and nighttime parade

Old Business- Fall Fest- Heathe not present

 New Business-  

Christmas in Mexico wrap up with Heathe and committee- January 4th at 5 pm at The Eis House.  Need to verify Heathe can attend. This is a committee meeting to gather final numbers prior to our regular membership meeting which is scheduled for January 9th at noon.

 CIM Thank you notes to: Sponsors, Dennis Hemingway and son, Business’s participating in window contest, Mexico Volunteer FD, Cornell Co-Op, Mr and Mrs Claus, Stefanos.

 Treasurers Report- Full Christmas in Mexico figures are pending results from Heathe.  Ann motion, Bob 2nd , motion carried to approve Treasuers Report

 David Motion to adjourn, Dennis 2nd.  Meeting adjourned at 1:19pm.


Greater Mexico

Chamber of Commerce

Meeting Minutes

Greater Mexico Chamber of Commerce Meeting
Jan 9th, 2018, 
Stefano's noon

 Meeting was called to order by President Betty Green.

 Those in attendance were: Dennis H, Jim H, Amy S, Ann M, Bob G, Karen G, Mary Mannise, Amanda M, Betty G.

 December minutes were approved, motion Karen G, 2nd Bob G.

 Treasurer's Report- Denise is unable to make the noon meetings. 

 Membership Report- Ann M expressed she is unable to adjust the information in the PDF file Betty shared with her, Betty will resend with the ability to be edited. Ann asked for approval from the board to send the membership renewals by email prior to a mailing, all were in favor. We will use the PayPal account by adding the information to the renewal form.

 Street Banners Report: Jim H discussed he has been looking into 20 foot poles, for a 4' banner at the bridge east of the High School. A vintage style arch is also in consideration, with space inside the arch for banner. He is working on getting together pricing.   Amanda asked about the large signs 'Welcome to town of Mexico" like they have for 81 exits.  We currently have "welcome" signs for the village.  Nothing further developed on this.
Pole Banners: Jim reported that 2 banners were sponsored by Janice Clark, and she has passed away. At least 2 banners will open up to a new sponsor.

Visions committee: Nothing to report

Fundraising Committee: nothing to report.   

  • Conversation followed regarding what is the 'funderaising committee'? Discussed Duck race, Music Fest, etc.
  • ​Jim Hotchkiss proposed an idea of trying to display the World's Largest Apple in our Town.  Jim told the record Apple is 35' tall in Winchester, VA. Jim would like to continue re-visiting this idea for fundraising.
  • Perhaps the fall festival could be the Apple Festival again? bring business to the village, Amanda told of the Carthage Scarecrow  that draws a great deal of attention. We could have apple pie, apple pizzas, apple knots, etc. there.
  • Bob Green agreed to continue to head the fundraising committee, and Amanda has joined the committee.

Old Business-

  • Fall Festival Report to follow from Heathe. Betty said she will obtain it and email to members prior to our next meeting.
  • Christmas in Mexico wrap-up- Betty distributed a list of receipts and disbursements billed for the 2017 CIM. After review there were several discrepancies found. Neither Denise nor Heathe were there to help Betty decipher it. Several members expressed a need for receipts from the expenses. Invoices that will break down the totals are needed and Betty will ask Heathe for them. Karen Green asked Betty to confirm that no check will be released to Cre8 Studios until we have the full reports, with invoices, for the Fall Festival as well as CIM. Betty confirmed.
  • Conversation followed: Trolley was $875 in 2016 for trolley, $875 in 2017 for Bus.
  • Horse and wagon was $450 and smaller in 2016, $950 and larger, nicer in 2017.
  • Conversation was brought up regarding how people get back to their park and ride cars if the trolley hours are 9-4. Perhaps when we look for a trolley we need it to be 9am to after tree lighting. Discussion will pick up at next CIM meeting.
  • Ann asked Dennis if we could schedule a February meeting for CIM committee, and it was agreed TUESDAY FEB 20th 5:00pm CIM committee.

Our next Chamber meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 6th, 5:00pm, venue to be announced.

 New Business:  

  • Betty has asked for a Board of Directors Meeting, January 23rd, 7 pm, Stefano’s.
  • Betty asked for a quick CIM meeting to be scheduled for simply discussing corporate sponsorships. Quick CIM meeting set for Tuesday, Jan 30th, 5pm.  Betty will be sending out some information on "fundraising- selling yourself" prior to the meeting.

Motion by Karen Green, 2nd Bob Green to adjourn meeting 1:21 pm.




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 Greater Mexico Chamber of Commerce

Meeting Minutes April 3, 2018

Damiano’s Eatery 

Those in attendance: Betty Green, President; Denise Damiano, Treasurer; Jack Proud, Director, Members: Bonnie Loforte, Bob Loforte, Amy Shaw, Bob Palmer, Marion Palmer

 Will and Vanessa Comley discussed their business, Comley’s Country Creamery

 The meeting was called to order at 9:27 a.m.

 Approval of March meeting minutes-Motion – Bonnie Loforte, 2nd – Bob Loforte - approved

 Treasurers Report-- No report

Event Committee- 
       The Christmas in Mexico Committee has been meeting.
       Sponsorships & Advertising received::
             Ye Olde Hair Shoppe $100
             JCH – business card add
              Friends of Mexico Point Park – business card ad
              Key Bank $500
       One vendor application has been submitted

Budget Committee – Betty Green & Denise Damiano
       Committees were asked to submit projected expenses.  There were limited responses, so the budget was created based on previous expenses.
       Motion to approve budget - Jack Proud, 2nd – Bonnie Loforte   Vote- approved

 Membership Committee- Amy Shaw
       A limited number of applications have been received.
       Ann will be working on invoicing members who have not renewed.

Website Committee- Betty Green
       There were 1275 hits to the website in March – many we redirected from
       There were 50 new likes on Facebook.

 Street Banner- No report

 Old Business-
        2018 Schedule of meetings was distributed    

        Suggestions for speakers included:  SBA Advisor (Denise), Social Media – Amanda Magro, Cooperative Extension (Bonnie)

 New Business-
        Earth Day is April 22nd.   A contest for local businesses was discussed to encourage clean-up and spiffing up of store fronts.  Due to the weather and time 

        constraints, this will be judged prior to the Memorial Day parade.  Bonnie will work on and submit contest rules.

 The meeting ended at 10:20 a.m.

The next meeting will be May 1st at noon at the Mexico Public Library.  Lunch will be provided by Pathfinder Bank.  Program:  MACS Budget Presentation


Greater Mexico Chamber of Commerce
Meeting Minutes
March 6, 2018
Tin Shop

Meeting Called to Order at 7:05 PM

Those in attendance: Betty Green, President; Denise Damiano, Treasurer; Dennis Hemingway, Director;  Members: James Hotchkiss, Larry Brown, Amanda Magro, Karen Green, Amy Shaw, Sue Morton, Mary Curcio.

Approval of February meeting minutes-   Vote- approved

Treasurers Report- Vote- Karen motion, Jim 2nd, all in favor, approval of treasurer’s report.

 Event Committee- Dennis Hemingway
           Christmas in Mexico sponsorship forms have been sent out.

 Membership Committee- Ann Meyer       No report

Website Committee- Betty Green    

          There have been over 1000 hits on the website this month.

Street Banner- Jim Hotchkiss     

            Applications have been sent out – 8 have been renewed to date.

Visions Committee- Jim Hotchkiss
             On hold for now.

 Budget Committee – Denise Damiano
              Denise and Betty have come up with tentative numbers based on past income and expenses.  Each committee was given a template for expenses                and were asked to complete and return to Betty or Denise no later than March 20th.

 Old Business-
Update on Senior Housing – Jim Hotchkiss
             A senior housing project is being discussed for Mexico and is in the very beginning stages.  A report has been completed listing the types of homes               that Mexico could support, along with resources and amenities in the area.  The Mayor and Chamber have provided letters of support.  Jim has                     blank letters for community letters to sign and turn in.

 New Business-
            Denise and Betty suggested changing the fiscal year for the Chamber to July 1- June 30; this would streamline the reporting especially with 

            our largest event held so close to the end of the year. Vote:  Karen – motion, Denise 2nd – all in favor, motion carried.

            David has resigned from his position of Secretary.  Ann will fill in until June when a new Secretary will be elected.

            OVIA has been selected as the Western/Central NY Agency of the Year by Travelers Insurance.  They are being honored this evening in Oswego.

            Sue volunteered to serve as the Chair of the Nominating Committee.  She will form a committee to assist her.
          Free seminar on Living Trusts & Long Term Care invitation
           Advertising opportunities in the Summer Guide
          Business cards were handed out to Board members

Vote to adjourn meeting at 7:41 p.m.  Dennis motion, Jim 2nd, all were in favor, meeting adjourned.



Greater Mexico Chamber of Commerce

Meeting Minutes

February 6, 2018

Eis House]  

Meeting Called to Order at 5:05 PM

 Those in attendance: Betty Green President, Denise Damiano Treasurer, David Epolito Secretary, Directors Dennis Hemingway, Bob Green, Ann Meyer, Members, James Hotchkiss, Larry Brown, Amanda Magro, Karen Green, Tracy Carvell, Amy Shaw

Tracy Carvell, Assistant GM and Sales Manager of Holiday Inn Express & Suites, introduced herself and explained her role at the hotel.

Approval of January meeting minutes-
Vote- Ann Motion, 2nd Karen, all in favor, motion carried

Treasurers Report-
Vote- Dennis motion, Karen 2nd, all in favor, approval of treasurer’s report.

Event Committee- Dennis - Christmas in Mexico committee meeting February 20th at Stefanos

 Budget Committee- No report

 Membership Committee- Ann Meyer- Ann received the membership application but it was not editable so she has created a brand new form to be emailed.  PayPal information was added to form and to the website for electronic payments.

 Website Committee- Betty - Average 22 hits per day in January and several new Facebook followers.

 Street Banner- Jim Hotchkiss - There was discussion of banner placement from Stefanos to the building across the street.  There was also discussion that the bridge idea could still be feasible but an estimate was not received yet.

 Visions Committee-  Meeting postponed until 3rd week of March.  Time and place TBD.

 Fundraising Committee- There was discussion about the Fundraising Committee and Event Committee having the same goal in mind.  Both committees essentially do the same thing.  Vote to eliminate the Fundraising Committee  Bob motion, David 2nd, all were in favor of eliminating the Fundraising Committee

Further discussion was brought up by Jim Hotchkiss regarding potential new ideas for the Event Committee.  (See attachment)

 Old Business-
     PayPal has been set up on Chamber website
     Detailed financial breakdown of Christmas in Mexico and Fall Fest 2017- Denise (see attachments)

 New Business-
     Jim Hotchkiss is working with Oswego County Housing to bring senior living to Mexico.  Jim requested the Chamber’s support.  Secretary to draw up a       letter supporting his efforts.  Betty suggested posting the letter to our webpage for local Churches and business owners to print and send to the Village        Board.

     Vote- To order 1000 black pens with Chamber name.  David motion, 2nd Denise, all were in favor of ordering Chamber pens not to exceed $500.

      Vote- To order business cards for the Directors.  David motion, 2nd Dennis, all were in favor of ordering business cards not to exceed $100.

Vote to adjourn meeting at 630 pm. David motion, Denise 2nd, all were in favor, meeting adjourned.

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