Chamber meeting October 1st

Daddy Ed’s 8:30 am 


Members in attendance: Steve Wisniewski, Amy Shaw, Bob Green, Jim Hotchkiss, Karen Green, Chrissy Mason, James Zemotel,

Amanda Magro, Allison Griffin, Mary Beth Horn with Guests Sean Bruno and Ryan Lanigan, 


Called to order at 8:35


Minutes and agenda: 

Minutes agreed by Chrissy, Steve seconds and all in favor


Denise can’t be here to give treasurer report. 

 Report was given by Amanda


Fall Festival Report:

Report given by Amanda


Committee reports:

Mexico Point Park

Amanda sent an email to Sandra Scott to find out about the Mexico Point park to keep involve


Fall Festival: 

From what we saw was a success, full report to be given when Bonnie returns


Christmas in Mexico:

Ann and Dennis are unable to be here, therefore there is no report.

Next meeting is next Monday at OVIA at 5:30 



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Social media

New Instagram need more pics from the town and what is happening in town 

Send it to to streamline 


Ribbon cutting:

Fur-st choice 


Membership added to the agenda

Talked to the Eis house 

Talked to the fire dept and their membership was forgotten



Flagpole, meeting soon to get ready for next summer


Old business:

Banner location

Looking into new places for the banner



Amanda and Chrissy and James to head up fundraising.


Town planning committee


New business


Dickens costumes look at CNY arts in Fulton 

 to look into costume rental at CNY arts

Per board meeting

All of the members on the committees must be chamber members


Formal meeting adjourned 




Ryan Lanigan to make a presentation


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